A little more… rain

If you couldn’t tell by the heading, for the past two days, the view outside my window looked a little like this. And when I first woke up, this was background to my radio alarm. Yet the bleak atmosphere only perpetuated my plans for both mornings. 


Up particularly early, I spent the morning doing Yoga. My routine of sun salutations and palm trees (ironic, eh?), downward facing dogs and warrior poses was even more relaxing since it was serenaded by the pitter-patter of the raindrops.

Out of the shower at nine, I had plans to cozy up in my favorite corner of the couch with my coffee and finish The Catcher in the Rye before my morning peace was disturbed. Checking my texts as I waited for the coffee pot to wake as well, I received an urgent one: could I please babysit… in half an hour?

Well, at least I got some Yoga in before the hustle-bustle that babysitting two boys promised to be.


Unlike thursday, friday I awoke knowing that I would babysit at 9am. 

Arriving at the same house at a similar hour in similar weather I felt a little deja vu. I again asked the boys what they would want for breakfast. However unlike the day before, when they answered,

we already ate,

today the older boy said,

Pancakes, but I wanna make them.

Pancakes. I could go for some of those. Easy peasy– or so I thought.

Muffins, and I’ll help make them,

his younger brother exclaimed soon after. He rapidly began “smell-testing” all his mother’s spices to decide how to best flavor his concoction.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for baking from scratch. But muffins and pancakes and two boys younger than 11 were impossible  a bit much to juggle.

Pancakes first, 

I said, hoping that by the time they were made, both boys would have had enough of the kitchen.

No such luck.

So my rainy friday morning was spent helping the boys make baking breakfast for two other jubilant morning people. Hey, I can’t complain. The pancakes were a delicious way to start my day.



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